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  • man cave deluxe gift basket

The Man Cave DELUXE unBasket


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If you love “The Man Cave” unBasket, you’ll love the deluxe version! The Man Cave DELUXE UnBasket contains everything he'll need to hibernate in his man cave, and it’s so jam-packed that you can throw a few of this manly buddies down into the cave with him and they’ll all emerge content.

* Man Chips: Not chips made from man: that would be gross. See our “Sure, I’ll Try It” unBasket if you’re gross. These are man-LY chips, flavored with bacon or hot sauce. They may vary with each basket, but they will always be manly.
* Nintendo Controller Mints: Shaped like a vintage Nintendo controller - practically to scale - it contains 2 oz of tasty peppermints inside.
* Bacon Salt: Bacon Salt is a low sodium, zero calorie, zero fat, vegetarian and kosher seasoning that makes everything taste like bacon. Full-sized 2oz shaker.
* Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce: A full size bottle of Jack Daniel’s barbecue sauce.
* Duff Beer Energy Drink: If it’s good enough for Homer Simpson, it’s good enough for the Man Cave.
* Abe Lincoln Bandages: You think you’re going to patch up that pool injury with a Hello Kitty bandage? Hell on. Whether it's a scrape or a cut, Abraham Lincoln will heal your wound as he healed our nation.
* Classic Movie Mug: Covered in quotes from class man cave movies! “Here’s Johnny”, “May the force be with you”, “You talkin' to me?", “You're gonna need a bigger boat” and more.
* T-Rex Pen: The fiercest of man cave writing utensils. Clever 3D design keeps your dinosaur perched on your desk ready for a tasty task.
* Bacon Sunflower Seeds 2.75 oz of delivious bacon flavored sunflower seeds.
* Cliff Bar: That Godfather movie marathon isn’t going to watch itself. Help power your all night-a-thon with a cliff bar.
* Pickle in a Pouch: A jumbo, individually wrapped pickle.
* I Could Use a Sandwich Men’s Sock: The perfect gift for anyone who's ever felt like they could use a sandwich - and that's everyone. Men's shoe size 7-12. 49% combed cotton; 48% nylon; 3% spandex.
* French Fry Lip Balm: When your lips get that overwhelming craving for fast food just smear a bunch of this French Fry Lip Balm on them for a quick fix. It's like a drive-thru for your lips!
* Tabasco Sauce: Since 1868, TABASCO Pepper Sauce has been the go to condiment for man caves.

From time to time we may need to substitute an item (or a few) in one of our unBaskets. Any substitutions will be of equal or greater value and will embody the clever or unique vibe of that unBasket.