love bacon gift basket

  • love bacon gift basket

The I Love You More Than Bacon unBasket


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Imagine the tears that will appear in their eyes as you confess that your love runs deeper than the salty, savory secrets hidden within each delicious slice of bacon.

The unBasket contains:
* Bacon Hot Sauce: a travel size 3/4 oz bottle of mild bacon hot sauce.
* Sizzling Bacon Candy: Sizzling Bacon Candy not only tastes like bacon, it also turns your tongue into a frying pan. The crackling will continue until the candy dissolves into nothing. Bacon magic.
* Bacon Ranch: Makes 16 oz. of bacon flavored ranch. So break out the chips. Fry up some chicken wings. Make up a salad. Or bring out the veggie tray. Mmmmm. Bacon ranch.
* Bacon Salt: Bacon Salt is a low sodium, zero calorie, zero fat, vegetarian and kosher seasoning that makes everything taste like bacon. Full-sized 2oz shaker.
* TWO delicious bags of Microwave Bacon Popcorn: 2 bags of delicious microwavable bacon flavored popcorn. Share one with a friend. (haha, ya right)
* Bacon Bandages: There's nothing better for fixing your boo boos fifteen latex-free adhesive bandages.
* Bacon Jelly Beans: Sixty bacon flavored jelly beans come in a cute bacon-shaped tin.
* Bacon Soap: The enticing aroma of bacon on a Sunday morning can now be found in this rectangular marbled bar of soap.
* Bacon Rub: An All Natural way to add a smoky-sweet, “Wrapped In Bacon” flavor to anything you put on the grill.
* You Are Loved Gum: 8 pieces of candy-coated, fruit-flavored gum in each box.
* Conversation Hearts Two boxes of the official candy of love! These are the Sweethearts that started sweet conversations around the world. Flavors include lemon, apple, blue raspberry, strawberry, grape, and orange.

Packaging: Your gifts will be packaged in our signature clear “unBox”, packed with decorative crinkle paper and labeled with the basket style. Dimensions of this unBasket: 5" X 5" X 7"

From time to time we may need to substitute an item (or a few) in one of our unBaskets. Any substitutions will be of equal or greater value and will embody the clever or unique vibe of that unBasket.