not your mama's wicker gift baskets!


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Customization available. Cellophane not.

Our unBaskets are rarely notarized, so changes are often possible. Other gift basket sites can’t offer much customization. Probably because of the cellophane. There’s just so much cellophane around those big, wicker baskets. Nobody can penetrate the protective walls of the 'phane and make a quick change for you. We can: we don't use cellophane. We didn’t even know how to spell "cellophane" until we wrote this little blurb on the website. Perhaps you're concerned that one of our fresher baskets isn't "PG enough" for a younger recipient? Drop us a line any time at info@unbaskets.com, and we'll work with you to make sure the unBasket meets your needs. Hoping to toss a tube of bacon toothpaste in with your Mac & Cheese unBasket? Sounds reasonable enough. Give us a buzz at 978-969-6230.

Ya, but what is an unBasket?

Fret not, we aren't so "un" that we dump your gifts in a shipping box and send them on their way! Your gifts will be packaged in our signature clear, “unBox”, packed with decorative crinkle paper. Your unBasket will be sealed and labeled with the basket name, so the recipient knows the name of the cheeky gift you've selected.

The Funtrepreneur, Inc.

An order with AlwaysFits.com will post as “The Funtrepreneur, Inc” on your credit card or bank statement. The Funtrepreneur, Inc. includes Knocked Up Nails, AlwaysFits.com & UnBaskets.com.

About unBaskets

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unBaskets.com and our funny gift baskets are the antithesis of the cheesy, outdated gift basket options on the web. We will only bring you modern, edgy, awesome gifts.


Our Pledge

We will not put crackers in every basket. Why do so many gift baskets have crackers? Who stands to benefit from this cracker conspiracy?
We will never send your unBasket out in a wicker basket. We dislike wicker even more than crackers.
We will avoid generic body products. Nobody needs that shampoo/conditioner hotel crap in their gift basket.
We will never include random, filler crap that you don't want or need.
We will be highly suspicious of seemingly perishable products that don't expire or require refrigeration
We will make you look cool and clever in a way a gift basket full of cashews never will. (Although, to be fair, cashews are kind of good.)


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